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  1. Ellen Puckett

    I have dealt with a chronic illness since 1970 and the illness has increased. By in large I have try ignoring my health pretending the issues ar separate episodes so that I do not look at it as a span or the big picture overview. However, it appears that IBS may be a problem or complication that has been overlooked and missed because of another chronic illness of my body. This necessitated an overview of my health. It seems today I realized that my body does have a chronic illness.

    1. Melody Post author

      Ellen, I’ve lived with IBS for about 30 years. I know what you are experiencing. For many years, I felt like my body was out of my control. I still have problems, but I am able to deal with it better now. As I understand it from my own experience, IBS is difficult to diagnose. It doesn’t leave behind the same type of trail as an ulcer, inflammatory bowel, or other digestive disorders do, so doctors often overlook it as a cause.

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