Can You Really Use Capsaicin on Your Hands?

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Have you seen this commercial? It shows two individuals talking about their struggles with arthritis.  Then, they use Capzasin-HP and their pain goes away.  The woman can garden again and the man can open jars.

Wait a minute!  He used capsaicin on his hands?  I don’t doubt that it would work.  It is very effective.  However, I doubt anyone with any common sense would put it on their hands.

Why, you ask?  Capsaicin comes from hot peppers and it burns.  It is okay on skin (at least, I am okay with it).  Not so much in eyes.  I have on occasion gotten capsaicin in my eyes.  It burns…a lot!  It stings and makes the skin around your eye uncomfortable.  A cold  wash rag is no match for hot pepper lotion. Not only that, but unlike things like shampoo which you can rinse out, hot pepper lotion doesn’t wear off quickly.  It can take several minutes or longer to cool down.

Anyone with common sense is not going to put capsaicin lotion on their hands.  If they do, they are only going to do it once.  There’s just no way to keep it from getting into your eyes.  It is inevitable.

I approve wholeheartedly of using capsaicin on other areas of the body.  I’ve used it quite successfully on my feet and ankles for over a decade.  But, even when I apply it, I’m careful never to get it on my fingers. There is no way I’m deliberately putting it on my hands though!

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