Adding Neck Exercises to My Daily Routine

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I am plagued with neck stiffness.  Sometimes I get stabbing pain in my left shoulder or the muscles feels tight on the right side of my neck.  It can be difficult to turn my neck some days. This started years ago when I used a computer mouse exclusively with my right hand.  Arthritis has added to the problem so that my neck usually goes stiff half way through the day.

In order to combat the pain, I use Biofreeze twice a day.  It gives me back my flexibility and keeps the stiff at bay.

Recently, I read an article called “Treat and Cure Stiff Neck and Shoulder to Ease the Pain” by Juliette Kando.  It has various exercises you can do to relieve neck stiffness.  One series is designed to combat the pain association with staring at computer, tablet, and cell phone screens.   It’s under the subject “Yes, No, and Maybe”.

I already do the No and Maybe exercises as part of my daily range of motion exercise routine.  I figured I would give Yes a try.  Basically, it consists of nodding your head up and down and touching your chin to your chest if you can.

I started with 5 repetitions, then moved up to 10. I am surprised at how many muscles and tendons are involved in moving the neck in this direction.  When I move my neck up I don’t really feel anything.  When I move my neck down to my chest, I feel a whole range of muscles pulling all the way to the middle of my back.

I like this exercise.  It feels as if it is loosening up the knots in between my shoulders and into my back.  At any rate, I haven’t hurt anything doing it.  I am going to keep it in my daily routine for a few weeks to see if I notice a difference.  It is easy to do and if it keeps my neck moving it’s worth it.

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