Week Three Photography Challenge: Windows

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Week three’s theme is windows…to be interpretated in many ways.  One could take a photo of a window, looking out a window, or looking in.  Though, that last one might get you in trouble with the law if it’s not your window.  LOL

In the first photographs, I decided to see if I could be clever.  Did it work?  This is the view from the bedroom window looking out over our maple tree that is just starting to bloom.

View from bedroom window week three window b

These two photos were taken a couple of months ago.  I happened to look out the window at the same time a squirrel was playing in our planter box.

week three squirrel looking at me week three squirrel nap

Finally, another lucky shot.  I was looking out the front window and there was a dove picking up sticks to make a nest.

Dove building a nest

I think I did pretty well with this challenge though I had considerable help from nature.

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