The Seasons and Chronic Pain

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Rain drops on rose petalsIs your pain worse in a specific season?  Some people say that the colder the temperatures in winter worsen their pain and stiffness.  Some say that rain affects them.  They will have trouble in a joint before a storm arrives.

I don’t see any difference in my pain level in winter nor when it’s cold or rainy.   I do, however, notice a difference when the seasons are changing.  My worst times of year are November and March.  Though where I live doesn’t get very cold or snowy, it’s the wide variations in temperatures that set my spondylitis afire.

March is the worst for my chronic pain.  In that month, temperatures can vary from 50 to 80 degrees within two to three days.  In one week it might be windy and rain, then sunny and hot.  In November, we vary from Indian summer days to chilly, wet winter conditions.  Until the weather settles into a season, my body is all over the place.  This is when I have the most mini-flares and I get that the flu like symptoms that accompany my spondyltis.  My ankles will be particularly stiff.

I have no problem with the transition from spring to summer or summer to autumn.  I suspect it is because the temperature variations are not so drastic.

The only problem I have when it is cold is in my right hip.  I will wake up with it aching.  It is ironic because normally my right hip doesn’t bother me at all.

What about you?  Does winter cause your symptoms to intensify?  Does wet weather cause more pain?  How does the weather affect your chronic pain?

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