Photography Challenge Week 1: Pets

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I am participating in a weekly photography challenge on a website forum I visit regularly.  I thought it would be fun to cross post the photos here.  Photography is the one thing I can still do even with this crappy arthritis.

The first week’s theme, Pets, was an easy one to get us rolling. These are four of the photos I posted.

week 1 misha running week 1 sleeping dogs yogi may week one sleeping dogs week one sierra sleeping

Photo #1 was an unintentionally humorous photo.  I was taking a photo of Max on the rug.  Then, my brother walked into the kitchen.  Misha is terrified him for some unknown reason.  She fled the kitchen right in from of my camera lens as I was clicking.  You can see the fear in her eyes.  LOL

Photo #2 shows my niece’s dogs, Yogi and Ellie May, asleep on top of our couch after the last family party.

Photo #3 shows my sister’s dog, Summit, and Misha sharing the bed together.  They normally ignore each other but Misha was determined to sleep in that corner.

Photo #4…This last photo was one of my favorites of my previous dog, Sierra.  Sierra love the sun spot.  She loved it more than her dog bed.  She always napped in the sun spot.

So, those are my contributions to week one.  I’ll be posting photos every week as the challenge progresses.

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