Mushrooms and a Flare

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We were inundated with rain in December.  A welcome sight for a drought weary region.  However, it meant the return of my nemesis, the mushrooms.  We had at least five varieties growing in the back lawn.  As my dog tends to get into everything, I had to dig them up.  And, I did, almost every day for 4 weeks.

All that squatting was bound to take its toll.  My ankles don’t bend that well to begin with and my feet hurt after a couple of minutes of the pressure.

What I wasn’t expecting was my lower back to bother me.  It started in about 3 days before Christmas.  I was able to stand and sit just fine.  It was the whole leaning forward thing that was a challenge.  Of course, it happened Christmas week!

I managed to get through as best I could.  Eventually, two days after Christmas it released and I was able to move like normal again.

I don’t normally have lower back pain.  Most of my pain is up in the shoulder area.  But, I gets these bouts two or three times a year.  It is my spondylitis acting up and the only thing I can do is work through it.

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