New Shoes, New Experiences

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So, I got my new Darco shoes. They fit. They look almost like the old shoes. They seem to be working out okay.

I am having one problem. Though these are made better than the Darco blue surgical shoe, they don’t have the upturned toe like the Walkwell shoes. Evidently, this matters to my feet.

The first day I must have tripped about 30 times. I kept stubbing the front of the shoe on the ground. It was worse when I walked on carpet. I didn’t realize that I don’t pick my feet up very well.

This is kind of a “step back”, so to speak. I remember when I was first diagnosed with arthritis in my feet. I would trip all the time. I was quite good at it and had some epic falls that were surely worthy of an X-Games participant…not so good for a middle aged woman trying to walk across the living room.

Then, the last few years I stopped tripping. I had myself convinced that my feet were stronger and I was walking better. Now, I realize it was the Walkwell shoes. The problem with my feet is still there.

At least the shoes fit and I can walk in them. I made a good choice in that respect.

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