I would love to write by hand

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I love to write.  But, I also love the act of writing by hand.  I think better with pen and paper than with keyboard and fingers.  I love watching the words spill out across the page in ink as I write them.

It is one of my biggest frustrations that I can no longer do so.  Arthritis has taken away my handwriting ability.

I can sign my name and write a few words in a row.  But, once I get two or three lines down, I start to get pain in my palm by my pinky.  The side of my hand hurts and then the pain spreads into my pinky.  Other fingers may hurt, too.

I’m glad their are computers.  Without them, I wouldn’t be able to express my thoughts.  I wouldn’t be able to write these blog posts or letters to friends.  Keyboards are faster to work with and make it easier to correct mistakes.  Still, I wish I could sit with my tablet and get all my articles out of my system in the late hours of the night when I most feeling like doing these things.  But, I can’t.  I have to resign myself to that fact.

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