Homemade Yogurt smells so good

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A year or so ago, my doctor recommended that I eat plain, unsweetened yogurt to help ease my IBS.  It was a pain finding a vegan brand.  When I did, I had to order by the case because no one local carried it.

At the end of Spring, the company ran into production issues.  Then, they had delays on their new set up.  Finally, they decided they wouldn’t be back in business until Autumn.

In June I began researching how to make yogurt.  I hemmed and hawed and procrastinated.  It was simple to create but difficult to make come out right.  People lamented their bad batches and wasted time.

I finally took the plunge in July.  Since then, I have made it 10 times.  Each batch came out fine.

What I didn’t know is just how good yogurt smells when it comes out of the oven.  I’ve never really noticed what yogurt smells like.  The first time I pulled my mason jar out of the oven I was greeted by a smell almost like fresh baked bread.  It was a warm, pleasant smell.  I wouldn’t mind my house smelling like this!

It’s a little bit of work for me to make.  I have very little standing ability when it comes to kitchen stuff.  I set aside one day a week to make my yogurt and then spread out my time between each step so that my feet don’t take too much abuse.

I’m pleased with the results though.  Once, long ago, before arthritis, I enjoyed creating things in the kitchen.  This is something simple I can do–and, that feels good!

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