My feet are sore but it was worth it

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My family is pretty close.  Even though my siblings and I are close to or over 50 we still celebrate every birthday.  Today we celebrated my niece’s 11th and my brother’s 55th.

Preparing for one of these things takes a little work for me.  The morning of a get together I have to stay off my feet as much as possible.  Otherwise, they just won’t make it.

The party started around 2pm.  I’m mostly a spectator when it’s time for physical activity.  Just walking from the house to the yard is enough for me.  But, I’ll participate in games and other things.  I try to sit as much as I can so that my feet aren’t aching.

We had a great time.  There was good food, conversation, sarcasm, and silliness.  Just another typical family get together.

Right now, I’m typing on my computer.  My feet are pulsating and sore.  I could have stayed home, but I need this break.  I need the conversation and the joking.

Tomorrow, I’ll be nursing sore feet.  But, for now I will dwell on having an enjoyable day.

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