I want to bring a dish, too

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My family gets together regularly for birthdays.  In fact, we are having one tomorrow.

Being disabled, it’s difficult to do my share.  I want to, at least, bring a dish so I feel like I’ve contributed.  Actually, I have to bring a dish because of my special dietary restrictions.  Otherwise, I don’t get to eat.

Still, I want to bring something.  I try to make something easy that will be a whole meal in case there isn’t anything else that I can eat.  I’m going to make a box of Near East rice mix and add some asparagus and broccoli.  It’s easy but it will look like something when it’s out on the table.  And, it will be a meal for me.

Not everything has to be complicated.  This way I can limit my cooking time without screwing up my feet for the next day.  Too much standing in the kitchen and I’m worthless the next day.  I don’t need to bake a cake or make a 10 layer casserole to compete with the other dishes.  I’ll just make something simple and that will be fine.


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