Hot Weather and Hot Pepper Don’t Mix

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I use hot pepper lotion (capsaicin) on my feet every day.  It’s the one thing that helps keep down the inflammation.

One thing I’ve noticed is it’s not such a great idea to mix hot pepper and hot weather.  I was out all day yesterday and it was hot.  It was a backyard party.

I tried to be cognizant of where my feet were all day long.  Whenever the sun got to close, I went for the shade.  But, even taking these precautions, the heat still got to my feet.

By 5pm, my feet were burning like a sunburn.   The burning sensation will go away eventually.  Still, it is rather uncomfortable.

I’d leave off the hot pepper, but then I know my feet would be in worse shape.  It’s difficult finding the balance.  It’s not all that easy avoiding the sun especially when you’re outside.

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