Preparing for Hospital Stays

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My Dad had another COPD breathing episode brought on my a reaction to the drug Fosamax.  He ended up in emergency and spent five days in the hospital.

I was fortunate in that I had the folder from his stay in January sitting on the spare room bed.  We grabbed the folder and everything my brother needed to relay to the doctors was right there.

My Dad will probably have more of these little adventures as he ages.  It’s got me to thinking that we should be better prepared.  I am going to set up a little overnight bag with a few essentials he’ll need for his hospital stays.  I’ll keep an updated list of his medication and doctor list in the bag too.

You hate to even think of someone having to go to the hospital.  But, after two visits in three months, it’s a reality.  Better to be prepared than to constantly be taken by surprise.


  1. Maya Klauber

    Hi there,

    I’ve just started reading your blog and it’s awesome. I hope you’ll check mine out too (I only started recently). The blog is called Loving with Chronic Illness ( I was diagnosed with Spondylitis (also a form of arthritis) when I was 16 and I’m 24 now trying to live the best life possible while being in chronic pain. I’d love if we could link up

    All the best,

  2. pam

    Where are you are how are you doing? I haven’t read anything since 4/09 (over a year ago). Are you doing alright? I know how it feels to have a chronic illness. I have been tentatively diagnosed with fibromyalgia. They want to take some more tests, but all the symptoms come back to fibromyalgia. I am tired of the waiting. I just want a diagnosis, so I can start treating the symptoms. I pray you are fine and not hurting so bad. I know you are hurting, I just pray it’s not so bad. How is your family (mother, father, dog, brothers, sisters) doing? I just read your blog in 2 days and wanted you to know that you are an inspiration and extremely funny. I cracked up about the handicap sticker in your car. I know that woman felt so stupid staring at your. I could picture you limping extra hard with your surgery shoe on. You are too hilarious. Keep being who you are and continue to inspire people. You make me feel like I can handle what it is I am going through. It is frustrating, but I am blessed to be here. Thank you!!!!! :):):):):) !!!!!!!

  3. Sophie

    I loved reading your blog this evening. There is so much you loyally do not say but as a fellow chronic illness sufferer I can read a little between the lines. I can only imagine what it is like to be a 24 hour carer when you yourself are chronically tired and in pain. I know this blog is years old but just in case you check back I justed wanted to say you have my admiration.

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