Who the Heck Knows What’s Going On Here Anyway?

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After my Dad had been in the hospital three days, we were all very irritated and tired.  Besides worrying about my Dad, no one in the family had been contacted as to my Dad’s condition and treatment.  The nurse are prohibited to give out information.  The doctors seem to slip in during the wee hours of the morning and then disappear.

I spent a whole day trying to figure out who was in charge of my Dad’s case.  When I couldn’t get through, I called his GP and his pulmonary specialist.  Then I had to leave a message to get a call back.  I talked the doctor and felt pretty good about the information I received.  But, then I found out the pulmonary specialist was telling my Dad different stuff.

It was really frustrating.  In the end I found out that the doctors weren’t communicating with each other, so the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was ordering.  Then instead of communicating with the family, they were meeting with my Dad who didn’t remember a darn thing about the doctors visiting him!

I’m not sure how this can be improved.  However, the next time a loved one is in the hospital, I am going to demand that they relay all instructions and information to a family member.  It was very clear that my Dad wasn’t with the program.  Half the time he didn’t remember the doctors even coming to his room.  I shouldn’t have had to make multiple phone calls to track down basic information about his care.  Next time it will be different.

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