Oxygen Machine Freak Out

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The day after my Dad came home, I was utterly and completely exhausted.  I was emotionally drained from a week of worry and I had to deal with the ramifications of my Dad being on oxygen.

I can tell you that despite the representative telling us that the equipment was perfectly safe if used properly, he sure didn’t spend much time telling us what properly meant!  I went over my notes and the book, hoping to find comfort in repitition.  I only found that the more I read the more freaked out I became.

It didn’t help to realize that neither of us remember how to take the travel tank off the compressor when it was full.  I wrote notes but they weren’t complete.  My Dad was exhausted, not really thinking, and from the moment he took his glasses off to put on the nose piece, he didn’t see anything!

Then I had to worry about my Dad’s forgetfulness.  Twice I came into the kitchen to find a flame going on the stove without a pot.  I hate having to be watchful of everything.  Even I have my bad days.

Thank God for sane family members.  My brother came over the next day.  He had fresh brains and easily figured out how to remove the tank.  We went over everything together and I felt much better about the whole thing.

Sometimes you need someone to share the burden.  And, it doesn’t hurt to have a second set of brains around!

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