It was all for Naught

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The Monday after my Dad came home, I hadn’t heard back from the hospital doctor.  I took matters into my own hands.  Since we had no clue what was going on with my Dad’s treatment, I called his GP.  It didn’t help to find out he wasn’t not informed about my Dad’s hospital stay and had no idea what was going on.

He wasn’t supposed to meet with his pulmonary specialist for two weeks, but I decided enough was enough.  I complained to the receptionist and got him an appointment the next day.  My Dad needed help getting around so my brother took him.

Before the appoint, I made a sheet for my brother to take.  I wrote down all we knew about my Dad’s treatment, his medications, and all our questions.

It turns out that because of lack of communication, much of our anxiety was for nothing.  The pulmonary specialist only meant for my Dad to be on oxygen a week so as to get his oxygen level back to normal.  He claims he told this to my Dad in the hospital, but it’s obvious my Dad didn’t remember.  Why it wasn’t relayed in the release packet is beyond me!  Had it been noted, I would have approached things differently.  I probably would have kept half my sanity at least had I known that we only had to deal with the oxygen stuff for 7 days.

It was a relief to call the medical supply company and have everything carted off.  Still, the whole situation left me exhausted.  Information should have been relayed to the family.  Communication should have been easier between the family and the doctors.  We never should have had to wonder whether we were giving my Dad the right medications or not.

Next time, I won’t wait for call backs.  Depending on the situation, I will go straight to whichever of my Dad’s regular doctors are involved, and demand they explain everything.  I won’t allow them to relay things to my Dad.  They either tell a family member or write it down.

It’s all been a learning experience, I can tell you that much!  There are several things I’ll do differently when and if this happens again.  It’s sad that while you are at your most stressed out point that you have to be on everyone’s butt.  But, it’s the only way to ensure things are done correctly and there is no confusion.

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