Emergency–Don’t Panic!!!

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve had to experience some things I’ve never gone through before.  I’m going to blog about them in hopes that it might helps someone else.

My Dad contracted a respiratory infection in November.  He was put on antibiotics and things were improving by the end of November.  But, after Christmas, this got progressively worse.  His emphysema was driving him crazy and his lungs didn’t seem right.

The second weekend in January his breathing got bad.  Sunday morning, he could not sit up without losing his breath.  I called a family member who was going to take him to the hospital.  I took the 15-20 minutes to write down all my Dad’s medications, his allergies, and the names of his doctors, so my sister could take it with her.

When my sister arrived, we decided against my Dad’s wishes to call an ambulance.  It was scary hearing the sirens stop in front of my house.  The paramedics were great, but it sure is a helpless feeling watching them cart your loved one off.  It was a bit surreal.

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