Getting Ready for Christmas: Making tasks easier

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One of my dreaded tasks is writing out Christmas cards.   I have arthritis in my right hand.  Holding a pen is painful after about 5 cards.  By the 10th card, I don’t think the recipients can read what I right.

I’ve had to completely rethink how I do my cards since I really enjoy sending them out.  I’ve decided that the only way to do them is on my computer.  I create my own card with a photo of the dog or the kids.  The salutation is included so I don’t have to sign my name a hundred times.  I’m not sure if folks find that impersonal, but it’s the only way I can do it.

Then I have my addresses in Works.  It’s all set up to print on envelopes.  I have the computer do it all for me.  I buy self adhesive envelopes at the 99 cents store.  I don’t even have to lick them.

Once all the printing is done all I have to do is fold my cards, put on the stamps.  Then they’re done!

Take a look at your tasks.  Is there anything you make unduly difficult just because you insist on doing it the traditional way?  Is there anything you can use technology for so that you can get the task done without destroying your hands or your shoulder or whatever body part aches?  You don’t have to make things complicated.  It’s okay to take the easy route.

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