Getting Ready for Christmas: Does it really need to be done?

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You’ve made your list of items to be done before Christmas.  You marked off what needs to be done right before Christmas and some time before Christmas.

Now take another look at that list.  Unless you are a super being there is a good chance you aren’t going to accomplish it all.  Go over each item and rate it.  Does it really have to be done or is it something you just want done?

Let’s take a sample list:

1.  Buy groceries for Christmas dinner

2.  Clean bathroom

3.  Mop floor

4.  Clean out the refrigerator

5.  Wash bedding

6.  Wrap presents

7.  Make holiday phone calls

8.  Bake cookies

9.  Write Christmas Cards

This list represents some things that might be on my list.  What on my list has to be done?  I need to buy the groceries, that’s for sure.  But I can’t do it until a day or two before Christmas.

I need to wrap presents.  I can do that now–get it out of the way.

I need to clean house, but of those tasks what really needs to be done?  I do need to clean the bathroom, but unless someone plans on taking a shower, I can leave the bathtub until after the holidays.  How about the kitchen?  The counters, stove, microwave, and outside of appliances should be clean.  I don’t really need to scrub down the refrigerator, do I?  As long as I make room for the groceries and any food others bring over, the refrigerator is fine.

The Christmas cards should get done.  I have been working on them slowly throughout the month so they’ll be done in.

Baking cookies…I’ll put this way at the bottom of my priorities.  I’d love to bake cookies, but it really takes alot of energy to do them.  If I don’t get around to it, it’s not like the holidays will be ruined.

Separate out what has to be done, the things you’d like to be done but aren’t detrimental, and the extra duties that have no business being mixed up in the holiday chores.  By prioritizing, you make the holidays alot easier on yourself and those around you.

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