Getting Ready for Christmas: Celebrate!

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I tried to get all my chores done by December 21st.  I left the last 3 days to recuperate.

Things didn’t quite work out that way.  I had to make a trip to make a trip to Target and pick up a couple little things we need for Christmas morning.

I was going to mop the floor again (I did it last Saturday).  However, it’s going to rain all week.  What sense is there to do it again when everyone is going to make it dirty in the next couple of days.  The cookies never got baked.  My sister baked cookies so we’re covered.  She’s also making the rice dish for Christmas dinner, so I don’t need to bring anything to dinner.  Yeah!

The only thing left is to enjoy my celebrations.  I approach the holidays in this way:  I do what I can.  The important part to participate in what I can.  Since Christmas morning is at my house, I can’t avoid that.  I’ll try to make Christmas Eve.  If I don’t make it to Christmas dinner, I’ll be okay with it.  As long as I get to enjoy my time with the entire family Christmas morning, I’m happy.

I’ve learned to let it be.  I’ll enjoy what I can and try not to feel guilty for the rest.

Merry Christmas to all!  Enjoy your celebration…even if you can only participate in some of them.

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