Under Pressure

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I’ve got about a week in a half to prepare my house for the return of my sister’s dog and cat.  The floor needs to be mopped, the spare bedroom needs to be cleaned up to make it cat proof, the bed has to be cleared off and the quilt needs to be washed, the living room needs to be straightened, and on and on and on.

How do you manage things when you know you have to have them all done by a certain day?  First, I prioritize.  The floor definitely needed to be mopped.  It’s been awhile (I’m embarrassed to say how long).  However, the dog and cat go everywhere.  I don’t want them laying on a dirty floor.

I took care of that item yesterday.  So, I can cross it off my list.  Mopping is a difficult task for me.  My shoulders are sore and I’m feeling muscles in my thighs that I had no idea I had.  Today I rest.

Second on the my list is cleaning off the bed.  This is where the cat sleeps.  I make her a little tent with the quilt and she hides out there during the day.  Then stalks us at night.  I hope to get that done tomorrow.

After that I need to vacuum the bedroom and move out some boxes.  The vacuuming is important.  The boxes not so much.  They should be moved so I can move in the litter box, food and water bowls, and so forth.  The cat has more stuff than the dog!

I think if I do something every other day, I should have the house animal proof and ready to go by next Tuesday.  I have a habit of overdoing it.  And, then I don’t want to do anything at all.  I’m hoping to avert that catastrophe.  That’s my goal anyway.

What tips do you have for getting things done?

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