My Bent Pinky Finger Comes in Handy

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When the pinky finger on my right hand started to gnarl, it really bothered me.  I could see the slow progression from a normal finger to a knobby, bent useless appendage.  I never realized how many things I do involve the pinkie.  Writing is a nuisance because putting pressure on it hurts like heck.  Holding a fork can make it wig out.

Lately, I’ve notice that having a bent finger can come in handy.  It’s like I’ve got this handy little hook.  Call me Cap’n, aarrr!  Things that were kind of difficult like pulling up my pants are much easier now.  All I do is hook that  out of shape pinkie in the belt loop and it’s easier to do.

I’ve got my own little evolution experiment going on.  I’m like those Aye-Aye’s who have that long middle finger so they can pull bugs out of the knots in branches.  Well, I’ve got my handy little crooked finger to help me pull my pants up.  Okay, maybe it’s not the same.

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