Keep a Record of Doctor Visits

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I’m in charge of the medical records, appointments, etc. for a parent. This person sees 4 doctors on a regular basis. In January a simple medication change lead to mass confusion. In order to simplify and insure that each doctor knew what the other was doing, I started to keep a Doctor Visit Record.

This sheet will be updated after every doctor visit. Then it can be printed out and given to each doctor at the appointment.

The sheet is kept in date order. At the top is a summary of why the person is visiting the doctor and if there are any new issues to address. Then under that is a list of all current medications and dosages. Then each appointment is listed from recent to last. The date is given, the name of the doctor, the diagnosis, tests ordered and results, and any medication changes. Also given is any health changes on the part of the person. Did a change in medication cause side affects?

By keeping an updated record, I hope to make it easier for my parent to retain independence and privacy by not having someone go with them to every appointment. I would also like to ensure that each doctor know exactly what the previous doctor has done. In this way, I hope to prevent mistakes and miscommunications. And, the chance that I may have to call the doctor and explain everything all over again.

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