Getting Throught the Blahs

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I was embarrassed to find that I haven’t blogged since March. What the heck have I been doing with all my time????? Sad to say, I haven’t been doing anything of note. It’s been a trying year and I have found myself drained physically, mentally, and emotionally.

At the beginning of the year, my Dad’s emphysema worsened. After a month, we finally learned that a combination of things lead to the situation. By the beginning of March, he was back to good health.

Then my elderly dog got ill. She had a bladder infection. And then two weeks later it came roaring back. She was sick to her stomach and for almost a week I fed her by hand 8 times a day. She got back to good health by the end of April.

In between Mel’s Animal Day Care was in business. I took care of my brother’s 2 puppies and older dog on three occasions–one for as long as a week.

By May I found myself in the doldrums. I wasn’t depressed, I just didn’t have any stamina. Fatigue had me in it’s grips. I was able to do the regular stuff, but my brain couldn’t wrap itself around anything challenging.

Now, I find myself with a list a mile long and trying to get back on solid ground. My motivation has reached rock bottom.

I am attempting to get it back together. I’m making myself work on my list every day. I haven’t accomplished much but at least I am working in the right direction.

How do you re-motivate yourself when you don’t have the energy to move forward? Post the tricks you’ve learned. I could use the advice!

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  1. Ann

    Hi — I’ve come across your blog two different ways, so I really think I need to say hi. I have PVNS, which is a rare joint disease. I just had my second surgery. I’m hoping that it will be dormant for a while, but mostly just concentrating on getting by day-to-day.

    This morning, I was trolling the Paperback Swap site, and I saw your signature with your web site! So, hello!


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