Walkwell Shoes Rock

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As I posted a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been trying out a pair of Walkwell shoes. I haven’t had much good luck with shoes over the last 10 years so I really didn’t expect much. I have to say that these shoes rock!!!

Normally, it takes me a week or more to break in shoes, so I do it slowly. I wore the Walkwells an hour one day, two hours the next, and so on. However, after four days my feet had adjusted. It caused me more foot pain to keep switching shoes than to leave on the new pair.

I had one problem on the fifth or sixth day. I developed muscle cramps in my left foot. I worked through it and they went away two days later. I think because these shoes are shaped a bit differently than my last pair, the muscles in my feet had to adjust.

It was a bit difficult getting the adjustments right. I had everything set then my left heel started sliding around. I think I’ve got that worked out now.

What are the benefits I’ve found? First, these shoes are open toes, which I love. My toes hate anything touching them. Second, they are adjustable. There are three velcrostraps across the top. There are also two velcro straps across the heel that can be adjusted. The shoes have a very thick sole, so you don’t feel every step. Also, the toe turns up a bit. It was really strange walking this way at first. The Darco shoes were flat. The Walkwells give you a little of a rocking action. I think it’s a plus. It makes me feel like the shoes are doing part of the work and there is less strain on my feet.

I’d give the Walkwell shoes two thumbs up!!!

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