Christmas is Over

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Christmas has come and gone. It always leaves me with one question…why, oh why, do I have so many Christmas decorations???? I sure love looking at them but it’s a big pain to put it all away when you can’t stand for more than 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

So, I did what I do every year. We got rid of the tree one day. Two days later, I put all the ornaments back in their boxes. I was on a roll and I put away all the figurines.

For the next three days, my feet were killing me. It was great to get all that crap put away, but I paid the price for the standing and kneeling.

Monday, I rid myself of the paper snowflakes. And, last night I finally got all the Christmas cards down. I kept a few to make Christmas tags from, sorted out the letters that need to be kept, and recycled the rest.

Now, my house looks like the houses in Whoville. It is nice to start fresh in the new year. At the same time, I miss the festive atmosphere…the cute little snowmen, the laughing Santa’s, the goofy reindeer, and all the rest that goes into holiday decorating.

I don’t really decorate for other holidays. Maybe that is a good thing!

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