Hooray for Generic Drugs!!!

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I’ve been on Mobic for a year or so. My insurance refused to pay for it because they deemed it unnecessary. Evidentally, if a over the counter drug exist, then they think you should be on it — even if you already tried that drug and it doesn’t work for you.

Mobic cost me $95 for 30 tablets. And, that was the cheapest price I could find!!! What a rip off!

Imagine how thrilled I was to find out that Mobic was now available in generic form. Yipppeeeee!!!! The price difference is huge. The generic version cost me $16. I can afford my medication now. Of course, my health insurance rates just went up so I don’t that I will actually experience those savings.

I know that there are patent issues and rules as to why drugs don’t become generic right way. I wish they would though. It would make medication choices alot easier for people.

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