I Feel Good…

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I knew that I would. I am always amazed at how good I feel this time of year. It isn’t something that I jumps out at me. I may feel crappy all Winter and part of Spring, especially when the weather fluctuates. It’s as if my body doesn’t know what season to be.

Then one day I’ll be doing something and I realize that my feet are walking better, my hands aren’t as swollen, and I’m walking with a little pep in my step. When I take my dog for her walks, I don’t feel the resistance in my ankles.

Mentally, I don’t seem to be as cranky. I’m in a better mood all around.

I like this time of year. I don’t feel so arthritic. I actually feel a little bit normal. It’s good to have this. I can enjoy the summer a bit even if that means sitting in the yard rather than hikes in mountains.

Getting up in the morning and knowing that my body will be half way decent feels good. It’s going to last for several weeks (until Autumn changes to Winter). I think I’ll take a deep breath and just say “ahhhhhh…”

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