Spring Fever

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All winter I couldn’t get anything done. It was too rainy and the days were too short. I couldn’t wait for Spring!

Then Sierra had her surgery. Before I knew it March was gone.

April was much like the other months…rain, rain, fog, rain. Was Spring ever going to start?????

We are being blessed with some wonderful days. It’s been 70-75F for two weeks now. NO RAIN, YEAHHHH!!! So guess what? Now, I’m not getting anything done because it’s TOO SUNNY. LOL Who wants to waste a beautiful day dusting or organizing files? I’d rather take my dog for a walk or daydream.

It seems I spend half my time waiting for the good days because my joints feel better. When that time of year finally arrives, the last thing I want to do is my to do list.

The sun beckons…I better get going. Before I know it, it will be December!

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