A Stiff Glass of Chocolate Milk

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Yesterday was one of those rough days. My stomach was acting like a roller coaster ride from the moment I got up until mid-afternoon. I had to take my dog in for a biopsy to see what the lump was on her leg. After the procedure she was a bit dopey and I had to watch her most of the day.

If worrying about her wasn’t enough, my Dad almost gave me a heart attack later that day. He is 78 and a little more wobbly than he used to be. I was walking into the laundry room when I heard a crash. I looked out the back door and saw that a ladder had fallen. In the 10 seconds that it took me to walk to the living room, my brain was absorbing the fact that he was on the ladder. When I looked out the sliding glass door, he was laying on the cement unmoving. I ran to the door which was no easy feat. I can’t really run and we have a toy barrier in the middle of the room to keep my dog out of part of the room. I hurdled over the Winnie the Pooh car and flung the door open. He was moving by that point.

I ran across the street to get our neighbor. All the while, I was thinking “I sure hope my foot doesn’t go out on me in the middle of the road”. After getting the neighbor, we determined he was okay if not a little battered and bruised. His worse injury is a sprained ankle. It was a quite a scare though. One of those things you always fear with your elderly parents.

I think he felt a little worse than he admitted. Today, he is walking with a cane and he has no recollection of what happened from when he hit the ground to when he left to pick up his grandson at school. If I’d known that he would have never been allowed in the car.

By evening, I was a bundle of nerves. To relax, I reached for a tall cool one–a glass of chocolate milk. I know what you’re thinking. Most folks go for beer or alcohol. Not me, I’m a professed chocoholic. When I need to relax, it’s the only thing that will do. And, I’m not talking about no wimpy glass of chocolate. There has to be at least 3 teaspoons at the bottom to indulge in after the drinking is done.

I often wonder why the days when you are least able to deal with life, more life heads your way. It was bad enough going for Sierra’s preliminary consultation and then leaving her for the biopsy. I didn’t really need the added thrill of my Dad trying aerial acrobatics.

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  1. evawebdiva

    Hi Mel,

    I was going from blog to blog and came upon yours. It’s nice to find a nice, simple, normal-to-me blog that doesn’t have funky graphics and a morbid demeanor. I like the blogs that just talk about normal stuff..not overly exciting stuff but normal, we-all-can-relate to “stuff.”

    I hope you’re dad and your dog are okay.


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