Praftfall Queen

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Since arthritis has taken over my feet, I’ve become so clumsy. Walking across the room can be a challenge. Watch out for that dog toy! Quick turn left! I have found myself face first on the floor more times in the last couple of years than a drunk.

I can be incredibly creative with my pratfalls. One day, I was talking to my nephew and walking across the living room. My dog was laying on the carpet. Her leg poked out into the air. The fatty tissue lump on that leg prevents her from laying flat. Somehow as I raised my foot, my shoe (an open front surgery shoe) got caught on her outstretched paw. I flew forward landing face first on the couch. My side hurt so much from laughter–and my nephew missed it! Thank God my sister wasn’t there. She’d still be laughing.

Not all my falls are so spectacular. But, they seem to come more often as I lose more cartilage and flexibility. A blanket hanging over the edge of a bed can be treacherous. One false move and I’m caught in it’s snare.

It’s a good thing that my family carries a gene that enduces laughter when someone falls. Maybe we are reincarnated from old vaudeville actors! If I didn’t laugh so hard after I pick myself up, I might actually think I’ve hurt myself. There is a serious side. I could break something (which would probably make my family laugh even more!) I’m happy that the only thing I break is my funny bone.

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