One Blue Shoe

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When my left food refused to fit into a regular shoe, my doctor gave me a surgical shoe. You’ve seen them. They are blue with a open toe. The hope was that it would relieve the pain and swelling in my foot.
At first I was self conscious about that shoe. You couldn’t miss it. It sort of stuck out like a sore thumb. Over time, I forgot it was there. Although others did their best to not let me forget it.

You should have seen the stares I got. One surgical shoe, one tennis shoe. This really threw people off. They didn’t know if they should ask me about my accident or whisper on the sly that I came to work with two different shoes on. There were those who felt the need to say something. Usually it was “It’s not really that bad looking of a shoe. Almost looks normal.” Oh please! If you had your choice, which would you pick–a matching set or the blue shoe? Don’t take too long to answer.

Eventually, I had to get one for my right foot when it started to act up. Now I have a matching set. Interestingly enough, once I got two blue shoes less strangers asked me about “my accident”. I guess they figured I was wearing these shoes by choice!

I guess it could be worse. I might have had to buy sensible shoes like my Grandma wore. The surgical shoes are a good compromise. Let’s face it, comfort comes first. Observing other folks discomfort at your oddness is just an added bonus.

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