Don’t Over Do It!

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How many times has your doctor told you not to push it? How about a helpful friend or relative who keeps an eagle eye on you? Though they mean well, these constant reminders of your infirmary can make you afraid to move. Underdoing it can be as damaging as overdoing it.

Everyone with chronic illness or disabilities has limitation. No doubt about it! Restricting movement can be physically and emotionally hazardous. Your joints and muscles can weaken and become more painful through lack of movement. Your mental state will suffer as well.

This doesn’t mean you should rush off to join a marathon, go rollerblading, paint the house, or give piggy back rides to your grandkids. It does mean that you need to test your boundaries a bit. You can be paralyzed by not moving as much as you can be racked with pain for moving too much.

Think about your typical day. Is it spent parked in front of the tv until the kids gets home? If so, you need to get moving! Start simple. Bring some paperwork or a craft project over to the couch. You can do busy work in a seated position. Instead of watching tv, go outside to get some fresh air. You can do some reading, watch the birds, or walk around the backyard a couple of times. Most things you can do indoors you can do outdoors. If you can sit on the couch, can’t you sit on the backyard swing?

This is a case where the more you do, the more you can do. You will always be faced with physical barriers. By making a couple of simple changes in your day, you’ll help your physical and mental outlook. A little gentle movement and a breath of fresh air does a person good!

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