Praftfall Queen

Since arthritis has taken over my feet, I’ve become so clumsy. Walking across the room can be a challenge. Watch out for that dog toy! Quick turn left! I have found myself face first on the floor more times in the last couple of years than a drunk. I can be incredibly creative with my […]

Old Broken Foot Lady

My seven-year-old nephew used to mock my walking style. He would either grab my crutch or improvise his “old lady” limping routine and say “Please, help the old broken foot lady”. I used to laugh so hard! He really did a good impersonation, though I was hardly an old lady!When I first started experiencing problems […]

One Blue Shoe

When my left food refused to fit into a regular shoe, my doctor gave me a surgical shoe. You’ve seen them. They are blue with a open toe. The hope was that it would relieve the pain and swelling in my foot.At first I was self conscious about that shoe. You couldn’t miss it. It […]